Video: A Look Inside a Sony Camera and Nikon Lenses

Both Sony and Nikon have just released YouTube videos showing us the inner workings of some of their camera equipment.

If you love cameras, then you almost certainly enjoy seeing what's going on inside of them and these two videos offer just that. First up, we've got this phenomenal nine-minute video from Sony, which shows us an exploded A55, and walks through the entire camera.

It's an intriguing look at the A55's much discussed "translucent mirror" that gained it so much acclaim. Rather than ditching the mirror completely like they did with the NEX system or micro-4/3, the pellicle-mirror system allows light to travel through and hit the sensor and the focus system simultaneously — so you get very quick focusing, and can still see through the viewfinder while recording.

Nikon's video is a far more stylized look at the creation of Nikkor lenses. It's not particularly informative, but manages to give a little more of an idea of just what goes into the crafting of your glassware.