Poppet Pet Portrait Reliefs
Poppet Pet Portrait Reliefs

It’s not uncommon for someone to have a picture of their pets hanging in his or her home, but a Japanese company called Poppet is currently accepting orders for 3D plastic relief images that are equal parts adorable and nightmare fuel.

The images are actually printed onto a plastic substrate and then dedicated artists actually hand-press the textures into the plastic. The result is a portrait that actually protrudes from the frame, so you can, in theory, pet it if you want to be really creepy about tit.

The photo itself doesn’t need to be that fancy to be made into a relief, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. If you order one from Japan, you can expect to pay 12,500 yen, which is just over $100.

Stuff like this is actually becoming more and more prevalent now that 3D modeling is becoming more accessible. This, of course, is a different process than 3D printing, but it’s impressive to see what options are out there in terms of displaying images in a unique way.

From: RocketNews24