This Is What It Looks Like to Do Steel Wool Photography With a Huge Ball of Fire

Steel wool photography has been popular for a while now and basically involves lighting a piece of steel wool on fire and then swinging it around so it shoots sparks everywhere while you shoot a long exposure. If you search any photo sharing site, you’ll see tons of it. But, as part of a promotional effort for their GorillaPod and other products, Joby decided to try it with a rather enormous wad of the flammable stuff.

The ball in question measures roughly a foot across, which is a lot bigger than the normal pieces of steel wool you might sometimes use to clean your grill.


As you can see, they had some fire fighters on-hand to help keep things from getting out of control, which is a very good idea with a project like this. It’s also worth noting that many areas are seriously lacking in terms of rain, so trying something like this in the wrong spot could start a serious fire.

Still, pretty cool to see a project taken to another level like this. Have you ever shot steel wool photography? Feel free to share some shots in the comments.