Wedding Photographer Robbed of Photos For a Client

There are certain nightmares that wedding photographers have on a semi-regular basis. There’s the one about the failed memory cards, and the one about the bride who told you one date but meant another. One Massachusetts wedding photographer is living the real-life version of the one where someone steals all of your gear including a set of cards containing a full wedding that has not yet been backed up.

The story is pretty straight forward: A photographer parked her car on the street for a couple minutes in Boston and someone smashed the window and grabbed her bag including the cards with all the images. Now, she’s making a public plea to the thief to at least return the cards so she can deliver the irreplaceable images to her client.

I get insanely paranoid about stuff like this, to the point where I carried my huge camera bags into the gas station on the way home from my last wedding when I stopped in to get an iced tea.

Hopefully the person who stole the gear was only interested in making a quick buck and at least the cards will turn up.

It’s worth noting that this kind of thing is one of the many reasons you may want to consider professional liability insurance if you’re a wedding shooter. Depending on the contract involved with this job, the couple may have grounds to take legal action against the photographer and that could be a pricy ordeal.

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