Watch This: Benjamin Von Wong Talks About Taking Photography to the “Next Level”

It's about seeing the photo before the camera leaves the bag

If you regularly follow photography blogs, you’re almost certainly familiar with the work of Benjamin Von Wong. He’s something of a mad scientist when it comes to working out clever and cool photo shoots, then doing interning behind-the-scenes looks into them. This video by COOPH skims along the surface of Von Wong’s overall photographic outlook, but does provide a few good starting points for photography products, as well as some undeniable inspiration.

I normally choose videos with more in-depth information in them for posts like this, but I think Von Wong hits on something that many photographers seem to vastly underestimate: The value of planning—and even drawing—your photos before you go take them.

Pre-visualization is one of the things that I believe can truly help photographer attain the “next level.” Being able to see a photo before the camera is even out of the bag can make a huge difference and allow for some real breakthroughs in terms of style and skill.