If you’ve spent anytime on the internet today you’ve probably already realized that it’s that terrible day of the year where various sites intentionally fill homepages and social media with actual fake news. Spooking our readers isn’t really our thing though, we would rather use the day to highlight camera related content that is hilarious, but true.

Canadian YouTuber Azriel Knight has put together a funny video highlighting five very strange camera advertisements from the ’80s and ’90s. In the five minute video Knight revives campaigns for the Canon Rebel, Minolota X7, Nikon TeleTouch 300, Olympus OM10, and the Canon EOS.

Some of the commercials feature cheesy celebrity cameos and animations, a few of them just feel straight up voyeuristic. Knight provides humorous commentary throughout the five minute video. Although we love vintage gear, its safe to say that these pieces of camera advertising haven’t aged as well as the products that they are promoting.

Check out the video above.