Insect Microphotography

Microsculpture from Levon Biss on Vimeo.

When you get super close to a photographic subject, some tricky things start to happen. Tiny bits of dust and dirt become huge distraction. Depth of field becomes insanely shallow, making focus incredibly tricky. And even tiny movements can throw off the entire process. Photographer Levon Biss embraced all the quirks of the microphotography process for his series of insect images called Microsculpture.

As the video explains, each image is the result of several weeks of work. Because of the shallow depth of field involved, he needed to use focus stacking techniques to make the entire thing appear sharp. Each segment of the bug was individually lit using a custom rig.

The resulting images can be seen on this site and they’re pretty stunning. I’m not even going to include low-res versions here to spoil them for you. Click that link. Seriously.

One of my favorite parts about watching this video is seeing an artist who found a project about which he was truly passionate and he fully committed. That’s something that can be hard to do when our brains are constantly being pulled in a million different directions.

From: Reddit

Insect Photography with a microscope lens
A shot of the microphotogrpahy rig used for the project Evan Biss