All sample images in this gallery were shot using the 18-55mm kit zoom lens. ISO: 500 Aperture: F/4 Shutter Speed: 1/160 sec. Adjustments: None Strong backlight and fast movement makes ice skaters tough targets, but with about 2-stops of exposure compensation, the camera was able to get it.

The GE-branded digital cameras that were launched with much ballyhoo at last month’s Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas are now available….at a TV near you.

Beginning at midnight tonight, the GE G1 digital point-and-shoot will go on sale on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

In fact, for the next few weeks, HSN is the only place you’ll be able to get the cameras made by General Imaging, the licensee for GE-branded digicams– they won’t be in stores until late in May.

Is HSN an odd place to buy a camera? Not for those who are eager for a way to photograph all of their cubic zirconia.

— Kathleen Davis