This photo editing bundle makes HDR post-processing a piece of cake

Now on sale for 84 off.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography has gotten a bad rep for producing oversaturated, overprocessed photos that have an unrealistic feel to them. But contrary to popular belief, that only happens when the images are poorly processed. HDR photography is very much capable of generating surreal, breathtaking photos that go beyond the dynamics of your camera if only you know how to post-process correctly and have the right tools.

The Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle grants you unfettered access to reputable software that makes post-processing a cakewalk. First, you get Photomatix Pro, a tool that allows photographers to achieve realistic photos with HDR shots, thanks to its built-in rendering features that even Lightroom doesn’t have. There’s also the Photomatix Essentials, a toned-down version of the software that lets you adjust HDR photos in any style you want. The last inclusion in the bundle is the Tone Mapping plugin, which integrates with Photoshop and allows for more effortless blending, sharpening, and contrast adjustment.

Check it out:

When used in conjunction with one another, all these tools will let you create jaw-dropping yet realistic HDR images. For a limited time, the bundle is on sale for $39—84 percent off the usual cost of $257.

Prices are subject to change.