Add a macro lens to your smartphone with this kit

Embrace your inner photographer.

As powerful as today’s smartphone cameras may be, they still can’t succeed at taking proper macro photos. These are those photos that capture every little detail up close and personal. Macro lenses are what help us photograph tiny insects or plants. There’s even an annual photography competition for macro photos, and its imagery is often beautiful, surreal, and full of life.

In short: Macro photography is super dope. It sucks that our phones aren’t yet capable of that. Lucky for the photographers in the room, there’s a kit that can take your phone’s camera that extra level. Meet the Macro Blips Lens Kit. The kit comes with a macro lens and a macro plus lens—and for only $19.99. The lenses are compatible with most smartphones and tablets. You don’t have to worry about carrying a fancy camera with special lenses next time you’re on your nature walk and want to photography an insect hanging out nearby.

The lenses are super easy to use, too. Instead of some of the bulky lenses that exist out there, these lenses are essentially a tape you add to your phone. Literally. The lenses come with replaceable, reusable tape that you attach to your phone. You just got to be sure to line up the lens part of the tape with your camera. That’s it. The kit even comes with replacement tape in case you need more for whatever reason. Still, the lenses are meant to be used hundreds of times. The lenses are so flat and tiny that you can stick them in your wallet for easy access whenever you need to zoom in extra close and personal.

The Macro Lens Kit usually costs closer to $26, but this 25 percent discount saves you some bucks. It might not seem like much to some, but in this economy, every dollar counts.

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