Dive into HDR photography with the HDRtist Imaging Software

We’ve lined up 2 deals on apps that will make it easy to apply HDR to your photos.

If you’re an amateur photographer, you’re probably wondering why your high-end camera and lenses are producing flat photos. You need to use a technique called high dynamic range to achieve the same level of vibrancy that you see on billboards and marketing materials. Luckily, we have two deals on apps that will give your photos the stunning results you’ve been craving for 15 percent off using Prices subject to change

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Basically, high dynamic range is a technique that combines photos at different exposure levels to produce a single vibrant image. HDRtist NX2 and easyHDR are two apps that use different techniques to achieve the same dynamic results. With HDRtist, you can take a series of exposures from your camera and combine them into a large, highly detailed image. HDRtist can handle up to 32,000 times higher resolutions than regular photo editors and uses this extra data to apply color enhancements and tone mapping. Additionally, you’ll get split view and side-by-side views to compare before and after results with HDRtist.

Alternatively, easyHDR will merge different low dynamic range photos in JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF or RAW formats and tone map them to produce an HDR photo. easyHDR also features tools such as lens correction, white balancing, noise filters, ghost removal, and brushes that allow you to enhance your photos further. Finally, if you have dozens of photos that desperately need HDR, you can batch process them all at once in easyHDR.

HDR is necessary if you want to achieve stunning, vibrant photos, and these apps make it easy to achieve. You can take advantage of this early Black Friday deal and get HDRtist NX2 and easyHDR for $9.99 each. Additionally, you can get them for 15 percent off using offer code BFSAVE15.

Prices subject to change.

Don’t wait for Black Friday — you can get these top-sellers at deep discounts today!