Sony’s new firmware for the a7R III and a7 II has arrived

Version 3.0 enhances real-time AF and adds Eye AF for animals.

This morning Sony released firmware version 3.0 for its a7R III and a7 II mirrorless cameras. The updated firmware brings enhancements to the cameras AF functions and also adds an interval shooting mode. If you’re shooting with either camera, you’re going to want to download it.Read on for an overview of what is new.

Real-time Eye AF

The new eye detection system in firmware version 3.0 uses AI technology and machine learning that can detect a human eye and continue tracking it even if it closes, turns away from the lens, or is partially blocked by something in the frame. Real-time Eye AF can be used in AF-C (continuous) mode and is activated with a half-press of the shutter.

Eye AF for animals

Eye AF for animals works with the same AI-driven tech as the eye-detection designed for the human eye. Shooters that want to activate the mode will need to select the option in the menu before you begin shooting. For now Animal Eye AF is designed to work best with cats and dogs (the creatures that are most likely to be found inside your home) but Sony says that they will continue developing the animal-tracking AF system.

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Interval Shooting

Firmware version 3.0 also adds the option of interval shooting, first seen in the a6400, to the a7R III and the a7II. The interval timer can be set anywhere between 1 to 60 seconds and can shoot 1 to 9999 frames. During interval shooting the AE tracking sensitivity can be adjusted to high, mid, or low. The new feature gives shooters the ability to quickly create time lapse videos. Check out Sony’s example of the new feature in the video above.

The firmware upgrades are available for download directly through the support pages for the a7R III and the a7 II.