This easy-to-use professional video editor is just $20

Check out VideoProc.

ICYMI: Film editing is easier said than done. Sure, a lot of people can capture great footage but to combine all these little clips into a beautiful, cohesive film? That takes hard work. After all, there’s a reason the Oscars have several awards for the best cinematography, mixing, and editing.

There are plenty of programs out there, but if you’re just dipping your toes into the world video editing, you might want to give VideoProc a try.

Upload footage from your smartphone, camcorder, drone, or action camera to VideoProc, and you’ll have the some of the most useful editing tools at your fingertips. VideoProc lets you do everything from stabilizing footage to creating GIFs, to enhancing video, to removing sound, to adding a watermark for a professional seal of approval. The program specializes in HD and 4K videos, so you can make your already crystal-clear footage look even better.

Once you’ve edited your video to perfection, you can convert it to a DVD, MP4, or even upload it to your social media platforms. Pretty cool, huh?

Normally, a lifetime license to VideoProc’s Mac program costs just under $80 but for the next few days, it’s on sale for $20. Whether you want to spruce up your family’s home videos or think you have what it takes to make big-time Hollywood movies, now’s a better time than any to give it a try.