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Social media is the key to gaining exposure for your work

Social Media Management Pro Bundle
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Want to pursue a career in photography? We have some news for you: It requires a lot of hustle—and we mean a lot. Nobody's going to hand over your next gig on a silver platter, so it's important to network with potential clients and create an impressive online portfolio.

That's where social media comes in. Do you need to crack Instagram and Facebook's algorithms to strike it big in photography? Not necessarily. However, you should know how to leverage your social media platforms to attract potential clients. Fortunately, a series of courses called Social Media Management Pro Bundle is here to help.

Spanning over six courses and 20 hours of content, this bundle course will give you the tools needed to catapult your photography career forward. First, you'll get a general overview of social media management and learn how to build your brand and attract clients. From there, you'll learn more about marketing on specific social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Want to dip your toes in email marketing and blogging? There are courses for that, too.

Sure, these courses might not enough to turn you into an influencer overnight, but they'll help you create a beautiful portfolio for your clients—and help 'em find it amongst thousands of profiles.

A leg up on the competition is priceless but, luckily, you can get the Social Media Management Pro Bundle at a steal. Normally, lifetime access to these courses is valued at $1,035, but you can currently enroll for as little as $34. Now that's what we call a great deal.