Learn how to create a movie from start to finish with these 3 courses

Meet SkillSuccess’ Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle.

If you’ve seen any major motion picture on the big screen, then chances are you’ve imagined what it would be like to direct your own movie. Of course, getting there is far easier said than done, but If you’re looking to dip your toes in the world of film, SkillSuccess’ Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle could very well be the best place to start.

With three courses—and over seven hours of content—this bundle will teach you how to create a stellar movie from start to finish, and it’s on sale for only $29.

Jump in, and you’ll get up to speed with the essentials, like how to write a screenplay, create a filming schedule, and fund a project. From there, you’ll learn more nuanced concepts, such as exposure settings, angles, and camera equipment.

Once you understand the art of shooting a movie, you can learn how to edit your footage with the third and final course. What’s more, the collection even includes sample spreadsheets, contracts, and additional resources you can leverage when you start making your own feature film.

Lifetime access to this bundle is valued at $597, but it’s on sale today for only $29, more than 90 percent off the retail price.