This Kickstarter-funded gadget makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the photographer

Check out this RevolCam camera attachment.

There’s one holiday gift that is guaranteed to blow anyone’s socks off, whether they’re an amateur photographer, a professional, or just a hobbyist: the RevolCam. This multi-lens camera phone accessory, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, will completely change the way people take smartphone photos.

The RevolCam is an attachment that snaps onto your phone and lets you interchange between three high-quality camera lenses, including a wide-angle, macro, and fisheye lens. It’s not like having to swap the lens on a traditional camera though – all you do is spin the accessory, and you change lenses immediately. The compact revolving design gives you so many options without adding bulk to your phone. If you’re the type of photographer who wants to bring their giant DSLR everywhere but can’t, the RevolCam is a solid backup option. Included with the accessory is also a built-in selfie mirror and detachable light with 230 different levels of brightness.

The RevolCam is an engineering feat, so it usually retails for upwards of $59. But you can get this gadget on sale at a special unprecedented price drop of $29.99 in the shop today—that’s a 49 percent savings just in time for the holidays.