Become a photo editing pro with these great courses

The Professional Photo Editing Bundle is available for just $19.

Anyone with a smartphone camera can be a photographer, right? Not so fast.

We love how it’s possible to shoot beautiful pictures from the convenience of your phone, but there are some techniques only professionally trained photographers know. Aperture, perspective, and shutter speed are some of them. Another one is editing.

Thankfully, there are plenty of programs that make it possible to turn your already stunning photographs into truly beautiful masterpieces—and a series of courses called Professional Photo Editing Bundle will help you do just that.

With five courses and over three hours of content, this course walks you through the bare basics of photo editing. First, you’ll learn how to use programs like Adobe Lightroom to edit your pictures. From there, you’ll learn more about small nuances such as editing night pictures and balancing the contrast of those Instagrammable sunset shots.

There’s a lot more to learn about photography, but these courses will give you the tools to edit a photo with confidence.

Right now, a lifetime subscription to the Professional Photo Editing Bundle is on sale for $19, but you can score an extra 19 percent off with the promo code NEWYEAR2019. In total, you’ll wind up spending $15. Now that’s what we call a good deal.