This $395 photography master class is just $19 right now

Learn to use your camera's advanced settings in this month-long course.

If you’re constantly using your DSLR in automatic shooting mode, it’s time to reevaluate your purchase. Sure, shooting in automatic is convenient, but it also locks out your camera’s more advanced settings that get you the most beautiful shots.

Right now, you can enroll in this $395 Photography Diploma Master Class for just $19 and finally learn to use those manual settings. This Live Online Academy course requires just three hours of work per week and in a month’s time, you’ll be capturing the beauty around you like a pro.

You’ll start by learning the basic camera types, functions, and situations each model calls for. Then you’ll dive deeper into essential photography skills, like focus, exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. You’ll even take a look at some of the most popular editing programs and understand the key differences between them.

Upon completion of this 12-hour course, you’ll earn a CPD certification to validate your new industry-approved skills.

The Photography Diploma Master Class usually costs $395, but you can sign up in the Popular Photography Shop now for just $19—95 percent off retail price.

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