These amazing design tools from Nix make incredible holiday gifts

Now at 30 percent off MSRP.

You’ve probably heard of Nix before, since they’re well-known for their incredible color sensors. In fact, if you’re a graphic designer, you probably already have one, so today’s sale is a great chance for you to get one of your artsy colleagues their very own.

Nix is primarily known for their Pro Color Sensor, which also comes in a Mini version. These design tools are both compact devices that can determine the exact match of any color you set them on. Both versions even allow you to scan colors and match them to existing color libraries. It’s great if you’re trying to illustrate something you have in front of you and can’t quite get the right color, or if you need to re-paint your walls and can’t remember which color you used last time. The Pro version even lets you grab CMYK, HEX, sRGB, CIELAB, LCH, and LRV values, which is why it’s such a go-to among designers.

The Nix Pro Color Sensor costs $349, but you can get one for 28 percent off in the shop today—that’s just $249. The Mini retails for $99 but is on sale today for just $69—a 30 percent savings. In honor of Green Monday, there’s also a 20 percent off sale going on in the shop which means in addition to these discounts, you can take an additional 20 percent off anything in your cart sitewide using the code GREENMONDAY20.