This smart gimbal lets you kill two photography birds with one stone

The MOZA Mini-MI wireless charging smartphone gimbal.

It’s all fun and games until your cell conks out.

In 2019, your smartphone is so, so much more than a place to snap silly selfies or take pictures on the fly; it’s virtually an extension of yourself. And anyone who has their phone on them at any given moment knows two things: That your cell’s camera can drain your battery and the terrifying feeling that occurs whenever your phone’s battery dips below 20 percent.

Anyone could buy an external battery for their phones, but we like to think MOZA’s charging gimbal is a great alternative for photo-lovin’ phone-aholics.

Simply snap your phone into the gimbal and reap rewards almost instantaneously. Not only do the gimbal’s buttons let you easily zoom and focus your way to the perfect shot, but it also charges your phone as you capture the perfect Kodak moment.

Of course, we know that snapping a great picture for the ‘gram can be easier said than done. After all, who hasn’t suffered from shaky hand syndrome? The gimbal can help steady your shot and if you don’t want to rock the boat by pressing a bunch of buttons, you can control your camera’s focus, zoom, and features through MOZA’s corresponding app. Pretty cool, huh?

Right now, you can save $15 on MOZA’s Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal. Whether you’re looking to step up your camera bag game, purchase a present for your photographer friend, or desperate for an easy way to charge your phone, now’s a better time than any to buy.