A popular photographer wants to teach you his tricks

Check out this lifestyle and adventure photography course.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Well, not so fast. While everyone wants to turn a big adventure like bungee jumping or snowboarding into a bonafide Kodak moment, the truth is it’s a lot easier said than done. When’s the best moment to shoot? Should you use a flash? What about the sunlight? Without the proper equipment or skillset, your potentially beautiful shots will be out of focus, blurry, or, even worse, completely indecipherable. Ugh.

That’s exactly why Lucas Gilman wants to help. As one of the industry’s best outdoor photographers, Gilman knows a thing or two about capturing a beautiful adventure shot. If you needed any more convincing, his work has been featured everywhere from Patagonia, to National Geographic, to ESPN. In his course, Lifestyle & Adventure Photography with Lucas Gilman, the cameraman will teach you how to nail those adventure shots once and for all.

In addition to sharing his veteran tips, like the mechanics of an outdoor shot and what to always have in your camera bag, Gilman will teach you how to hone in on your personal photography style. And once you’ve captured some beautiful pictures that you really love, Gilman will teach you how to build a stunning portfolio and separate yourself from the rest of the competition.

Normally, a lifetime subscription to Lifestyle & Adventure Photography with Lucas Gilman is valued at $29.99 but for the next few days, it can be yours for $10.