This entry-level camera drone will be your new favorite photography toy

Get started on the coolest new hobby at an unbeatable price.

Droning is a pretty cool hobby, as countless popular gifs can illustrate, but it’s also an expensive one. How can you know for sure if you’re up for all the nuances of drone-life without dropping a couple thousand bucks? Well, here’s your answer: the Kolibri Torpedo Mini RC Drone is a perfect starter drone and a great entry point to a thrilling hobby.

This inverted style drone is equipped with a wide-angle lens 480p camera that records all the crazy drone action you’ll get up to, and is loaded with other high-end features like one-button take off and landing, custom flight routing, and 7 minutes of flight time battery life. If you’ve got VR glasses, you can even experience the view from the cockpit with WiFi integration between products. The app associated with this drone is compatible with both Android and iOS, and the footage is guaranteed to shock and amaze.

Plus, you can’t beat the price. This drone normally sells for $79.99, which is already a deal, but thanks to a special offer you can get the Kolibri Torpedo 480p WiFi Camera Mini RC Drone for just $49.99. That’s under fifty bucks to get started on your new, awesome hobby.