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This HD mini camera drone is less than $50 today

Get the Fader Stealth Drone for 62 percent off.

Fader Stealth Drone
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We've finally reached the point in digital photography where even a hobbyist can get their hands on a high-quality drone. Of course, some of the higher-end models are still difficult to use and prohibitively expensive, but even a mini drone can deliver stunning results.

As an example, the Fader Stealth Drone can do pretty much anything a regular drone can do. It's small enough for you to hold in your hand, so you don't have to think too hard about the physics of flying it, and the controllers are beginner friendly (it takes off and lands on its own, but you can adjust the flight path with a controller). Not to mention, despite its size, this mini drone features an awesome HD camera that records 720p videos in real-time.

Drones are almost always expensive, but the Fader Stealth Drone is actually on sale right now. Normally, it retails for about $129 and has been on sale for $69 this week, but the price just dropped to $49—that's a whopping 62 percent savings, which means you can use your leftover money to get that plane ticket to the beautifully film-able locale of your choice instead.