These smart earplugs help filter the noise at concerts for the concerned videographer

Introducing the EarDial.

Who doesn’t love a good concert?

From the amazing talent taking on the stage to the contagious energy bouncing throughout the audience, to cool sets, costumes, and pyrotechnics, there’s no denying that a concert’s a wonderful way to discover new artists and celebrate the bands you already love.

Wouldn’t it be so cool to go to concerts for a living?

Well, not so fast. Sure, being a professional photographer and videographer for concerts is certainly exciting, but attending loud performances night after night does no favors for your eardrums. Research suggests long exposure to levels of sound over 85dB can cause hearing loss, and most clubs and concerts are over 100dB. Yikes!

That’s where EarDial comes in. This brand creates invisible, smart earplugs so you can go to a bunch of concerts without wreaking havoc on your hearing.

At first glance, these earplugs look like a translucent version of the ones you’d wear on a noisy airplane. These earplugs successfully keep those harsh decibels at bay, but did you know they actually possess smart capabilities? Each set comes with an accompanying app that will notify you about the sound levels and how long you can safely stay at the venue. Best of all, EarDial donates five percent of its proceeds to charities fighting tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.

EarDial’s invisible smart plugs are normally valued at $33, but you can currently buy them for as little as $20. While it may seem pricey for a standard pair of earplugs, your hearing health is priceless.