Aspiring animators, you need this program, stat

Try Dokyu for just $19.

Truth is, behind every small movement or scene is dozens of storyboards, countless drafts, and several meetings. For the aspiring animator, the whole process can be timely and expensive.

But just because you don’t have a big budget or team doesn’t mean you can’t dabble in creating some animation magic. Fortunately, there are plenty of programs that help streamline the entire process.

Dokyu is one of them.

This program is a creative platform that works with Abode After Effects and makes it possible to add some spice to your projects. Not only can you access and use over one million of Dokyu’s license-free images, but you can also turn your still shots into an animation with a simple click of the button. How cool is that?

Sure, your project isn’t going to look like a scene from Frozen or Moana, but if you’re interested in adding a new skill to your repertoire but don’t know where to start, Dokyu’s program might be the right fit.

An agency plan is normally valued at nearly $300, but you can currently score it for $19.

We’ll let that sink in.

A deal this good doesn’t come around that often, so we recommend adding to your cart, stat.