CrazyTalk 8 lets you easily turn any photo into a realistic, talking animation

Get a pro plan for 56 percent off.

You don’t need Pixar’s budget to make talking animated characters. You just need CrazyTalk 8 Facial Animation.

CrazyTalk 8 actually makes digital animation pretty simple. The app, designed for Mac, uses voice and text to make facial images come to life. Basically, all you have to do is upload a photo or graphic you want to animate and either talk or upload audio. An Auto Motion engine handles all the work for you and the result is a realistic 3D or 2D talking head.

You can get creative with your animations as well. There are options for dressing and accessorizing characters, changing their setting or atmosphere, and more.

The facial animation software supports major image and video formats up to 4K and is ideal for marketers, aspiring artists, and creatives of all kinds. Just be sure you’re running OS X version 10.9 or later and have at least 2.4GB of disk space.

Digital animation isn’t magic. It’s simple with the right tool. Get a CrazyTalk 8 Facial Animation Pro Plan for just $65 at the Popular Photography Shop—56 percent off the usual price of $149.

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