Whether you’re a professional with a creative vision or a casual photographer looking to experiment, having a telephoto lens for your smartphone can enhance your pictures. Unlike a camera phone’s zoom feature, which adjusts a lens’ focal length so you can look at things either closer up or further away, a telephoto lens has a narrower field of view and longer reach without a range of focal lengths. Smartphone telephoto lenses are perfect for taking long-distance shots and detailed portraits of nature, wildlife, concerts, products, and more. Here are our favorites.

  • Lens Type: There are two types of telephoto lenses. A telephoto zoom lens slides through focal lengths, while a telephoto prime lens has a fixed focal length. Consider which one will be best for you and your style of photography.
  • Phone Model: Make sure the telephoto lens you buy is compatible with your phone and camera. Most lenses are equipped with a universal clip that attaches to single, dual, and even triple cameras on multiple generations of smartphones.
  • Focal Length: Consider the focal length of each lens. The focal length is the distance between your smartphone camera’s image sensor and where light converges to focus the image inside the lens. Telephoto lenses for smartphones have optical zooms from 2x to 22x, with equivalent focal lengths as high as 200mm.

Our Picks for the Best Smartphone Telephoto Lens on Amazon

Top pick overall: Mocalaca Phone Camera Lens Kit

Crisp Images

Made with multi-coated glass that allows more light to pass through. Transmits colors, sharpness, and brightness precisely for high-resolution images with minimal distortion and glare.

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Easy to use: Bostionye Phone Camera Lens Kit 10 in 1

Quicker Shots

An eyecup gives you the choice between a monocular or telescope feature. Increases the shooting range 50 to 90 percent. Bostionye

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Best value: For Photography Enthusiasts and Pros

For Photography Enthusiasts and Pros

Includes a flexible clamp and comes with a solid aerial aluminum alloy case. CoPedvic

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Best variety: Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit


Interchangeable kaleidoscopic, starburst, and radical filters add dramatic visual effects. Godefa

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