This action cam is a great & affordable starter kit

The 4K Sports' Ultra HD Action Camera.

We’ve all seen those movies with beautiful shots of the ocean and think to ourselves, “How did they do that?”

You know what we’re talking about: Blue Crush, The Shallows, The Cove— need we say more? With stunning views of the horizon and bright, tropical colors, very few pictures can do the ocean justice. Yes, even the newest, fanciest, water-proof smartphone is no match for the sea. Sure, you could invest in all the fancy cameras the big Hollywood studios have, but it’ll likely cost you a couple hundred (if not, thousands) of dollars.

If you’re looking for an affordable camera to the waters, you might want to give 4K Sports’ Ultra HD Action Camera a try. With 4K recording capability and 12 MP still photo resolution, you can capture beautiful, crystal clear shots of the crashing waves, beach, and even some fish friends.

The camera has its own WiFi and accompanying app, so you can mirror all your stellar footage on your smartphone — the perfect way to show off to your land-bound friends. Bringing electronics into the water can always be nerve-wracking, but 4K Sports’ camera is encased in a waterproof cover that can withstand up to 98 feet so you’ll have some peace of mind. Oh, and did we mention it comes with its own mounts? Simply attach ’em onto your surfboard or boat and hit record!

4K Sports’ Ultra HD Action Camera is on sale for $70, but you can score an extra 15 percent off with the promo code “MERRY15,” dropping the price to a reasonable $59.