Reddit User Shares Technique to Stop Apple Photos From Opening Every Time You Connect a Camera

No, I would not like to import all my photos for the millionth time

Stop OS X Photos App from Opening When you plug in a camera or smartphone

If you’re a Windows or Linux user, you can probably safely skip reading this post. If you’re an Apple user, however, you know exactly how annoying it is to see the OS X Photos app open every single time you plug in a camera or a smartphone. It’s ultra-simple:

•   Launch a 'Terminal' session
•   Enter the following line:
defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool YES

It’s the “Yes” that turns off the feature, so if you replace it with “no” it will start popping up every time again.

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And for the record, I actually think OS X Photos is a pretty solid program for basic photo flow, but I almost never import directly into it and having that dialog pop up every single time gets pretty tedious.