Hot coals selfie injures people
Hot coals selfie injures people
This scene from NBC’s The Office emphasizes the danger of hot coal walking. Netflix

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of most “self-help” style seminars because I feel like they often do more to help your money go into some other guy’s pocket than they do to actually improve people’s lives. At a recent Tony Robbins seminar in Dallas, a walk across hot coals helped give people a reason to get themselves to the hospital after attendees tried to take selfies while walking across hot coals.

The hot coal walk has been a technique used by self-help gurus for quite some time. It’s a perfect exercise really, because it looks scary, but it’s actually pretty simple to accomplish if you’re able to get over the fear. The nature of the rock and the quick steps you take during the journey help ensure that no feet are burned. That is, of course, unless someone decides to lollygag and take a picture, which creates a traffic jam and sends several people to the hospital with painful burns.

I’m not usually keen to post things about bad things happening to people because of selfies (the whole “deadly selfie” phenomenon is so 2015), but I think things like this can act like a nice reminder that photography isn’t meant to be a contact sport and it’s our responsibility as people with cameras not to act foolish in the name of a good picture, or in this case, a bad picture that would have generated a lot of Instagram likes.