PhotoShelter has been working to provide a professional-looking platform for you to showcase, share, and organize your images. A mobile app is an essential part of success in that arena, and now they have a brand new one to show off with a pretty robust set of features new mobile app.

Currently available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices (with Android support coming soon), the app can be used as a companion to PhotoShelter on your desktop. The mobile app gives you access to your entire image archive, allows you to view your account stats, and lets you browse all of your uploaded content.

The app also aims to let you manage your photo business on the move, giving you the ability to edit your visibility settings and manage who can see your work, as well as letting you price your images and grant permissions from your phone.

Essentially you get most of the features of the PhotoShelter site from the comfort of wherever you choose to carry your phone. It’s an interesting strategy to do everything in a single catch-all app, while other sites (though notably different) like Squarespace split things up into apps that perform specific functions like monitor traffic and show off images.