Your Best Shot March 2014 Article

Last month’s Your Best Shot finalist gallery set the bar high. We had a ton of entries in a short month, so I was surprised when this month’s entries lived up to that level. There’s the usual excellent mix of portraits, landscapes, black-and-white images with a few wild cards thrown in for good measure.

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My kids and I often take a summer road trip, and on this journey around California’s Sierra Nevada we stopped at some interesting rock formations late at night. I didn’t have time to process all of the images that I took at the time, so this is a first edit of this shot from our trip.

The Prey in View

A small chameleon which we found in South Africa.

Star Water

After a long hike we decided to sit by the lake and enjoy the view. I set up my tripod along side the road facing the lake. I attached my camera and waited for the perfect lighting.

Stairway Too…

What is left of the steps to the Atlantic Ocean, after Hurricane Sandy.

The Screen

BMy husband in our home, lit by the computer screen.


Photo shot in basement of Diocletian’s palace in Split, Croatia

Coffee Time

This photo was taken in a mall in Madaluyong ,Manila.


Shot straight up with the camera resting on the mesh at the Yavapai College Library in Prescott Valley Arizona.

Dawn at the storm cloud

While flying over storm cloud

Fried Chicken

The iconic Gus’s Fried Chicken sign at twilight in Austin, TX

Valley View Sunrise – Yosemite

This is a blend of 3 exposures using layer masks in Photoshop. The beautiful colors in the sky didn’t last long, only about 5 minutes, and then fog started to move in, some of which can be seen to the right.

Back To Nature

In camera multiple exposure. An application of a tutorial from the current issue of the magazine. The grass is like the hair, and the flowers like the hairbands. Together they give the subject a new look.


Downtown Detroit on the day before opening day of Baseball. Great light and the city is active again after a long winter.

Preparing for Tourists

A vendor replenishes her stock of goods for tourists who trek the 15th Street corridor between the White House and National Mall.


I came to revisit this location when I noticed all the low lying clouds forming on my drive back from work. I wanted to try out a new wide angle lens I just purchased and thought this location would be perfect. Not sure if the sun was going to die behind the ring of atmosphere on the horizon I was pleasantly surprised. This is a really cool location that was brought to my attention by a friend of mine a few weeks earlier.

You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.

I like trying new things and being creative. I was shooting in a graveyard and the though why not have Amber jump. I had her do it a few time to make it look like she was floating. I was working hard to make sure the background fit. I moved around a little till I got her in the spot that I thought was best which was in between the two trees. She really likes this image,


Seattle Center typifies the mix of old and new and is one of the main reasons I enjoy Seattles architecture


From To the Mountains series

Sound Painting

High speed photography really opens a world you do not even imagine. This is my take in sound sculpture photography. I used water based paint, diluted with water to the right viscosity. Then using my dad’s old speakers and with the help of my brother, took so many shots, using different colour combinations


A monk doing his prayer at cambodia

Sacramento Tornado March 2014

My wife and I chased this tornado around town until we found a parking lot to sit in an watch from a distance. Fortunately it didn’t touch down until after going right over top of us! This giant funnel came within 25-30 feet of the ground!


Start of an Icelandic road trip, sun just about to peer over the horizon.


This is a photo that was taken in Redding california. I wanted to portray a photo that shows someone leaving the “norm.” Be yourself.

Madison Avenue Taxi

Shot from behind a taxi waiting at a red light on Madison Avenue, which creates great reflections. Shot on Kodak Porta 160 film.

Rural Contrast

The midday sun beats down on a farmer’s truck as it rolls along the English countryside.

The Edge of Darkness

The simple things in life, like light and darkness really come together to create a stunning photo that creates almost a creeping edge of darkness where the light ends.


Arden relaxing in a hammock.

Mother Ganga

“Mother Ganga, daughter of the Vedas, river of illumination, protector of us all, breaker of the chain of birth and rebirth. Everywhere this river flows, that area is the darkness” Aravind Adiga

Horseshoe Crab Sunset

After weeks of dull gray skies the potential for a colorful sunset was growing, with altostratus clouds gathering in the west. It was a last minute decision to hop in the jeep and drive out on the beach and capture the sunset that grew more colorful by the minute. After rushing to the edge of Gordon’s Pond, a lone horseshoe crab shell made for an interesting foreground. I used a Singh-Ray 3-stop Reverse GND filter and a LEE filter holder to get match the exposure from foreground to sunset sky.

Surfers at sunset

3 surfers walk home on the beach after an evening session on the waves.

Tux Built For Performance

Rockin the green socks in honor of St Patty’s day and testing the limitations of the new tux.

Fox Glance

This moment came as the light broke through the clouds and trees, he turned with a glance of curiosity and gave me the unusual composition I was after. A scene I’ll never be lucky enough to see again in my life -which is what I love the most about photography. Thetford Forest, England

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay

I’ve always had a love of water. Growing up on Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio, I was born with water in my blood. For the past 6 years I lived near Harpers Ferry, WV where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers combined. Recently, I moved to Maryland’s Easter Shore, along the Chesapeake Bay. My first photo outing in my new town led me to the banks of the Chesapeake Bay at Thomas Point in Annapolis, MD. I new I had to capture the beauty of my new surroundings.

Beak Fencing

Great blue heron parent and offspring having a discussion.

Blue Hour Pier

I’ve always wanted to capture a shot during the blue hour following a sunset. The opportunity arose during a recent trip to Texas. I happened to be in the right place at the right time so I jumped at the opportunity. Being able to capture some of the clouds and different hues was just icing on the cake.

Joy jump at Tajmahal

A young man was jumping in joy…


Found in the older part of Huntersville, NC.

Follow the long dirt path

I was taking a hike throughout the Marin headlands (exactly on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge) a few weeks ago to seek some inspiration for a photography project when I noticed this symmetrical composition. We were lucky enough to be blessed with rainy weather in the San Francisco Bay Area for a few weeks, and I felt that I really should take care of it before the clouds burned away.

Fallen Angel

A self portrait by eighteen year old Emily Dozois created to express the feeling of failure or being a disappointment to others. The flower petals symbolize a loss of hope, but her red hair shows that she still has some remaining.

Naked Body Painting Party

NEW YORK, NY – A participant in the annual “Naked Body Painting Party” poses for a “safe for work” portrait. Photo by CS Muncy

Pillaging the Bowl – (no photoshop)-

(already submitted once,I wanted to give better context)I used two speed lights. One with an umbrella on an arm hanging over the edge of the bowl for a rim, another with a red gel to even out the shadows and create atmosphere. I didn’t use a back light because I felt the natural light in the scene separated the subject from the background, also causing a shadow to come towards the camera on his left side.

Light from Heaven

Two young novices praying Ancient Buddha image in one of the temple in Bagan.

Day on the Lake

This is a screen grab out of a time-lapse I shot. The reflection of the sky in the water adds greatly to the image. Compositionally speaking, the clouds act as diagonals to bring the viewer into a very sharp and defined boat.

Under the Umbrella

The spare rain needed in San Francisco was welcome to all, to temper the drought, while finally providing cloudy, expressive skies. I took this shot while walking under my umbrella on Market Street, San Francisco. Rain, finally.

Don’t Look Down

Shot in Ha Ha Tonka State Park. This was taken over the spillway at a natural spring in the park.

In the river

Flowing water


Spring forest.

Spring Light

Model- Malia Barnes Hair and makeup- Alicia Hathaway

magic photographer

I first visited the Sahara Desert and Marok. Here I discovered a new world with different values ​​and a beautiful story ….. I tried to take with me a part of this world and play all these emotions through camera

Tree on the Gardiner River

I have taken many photos of this tree. The conditions were so perfect this time, The temperature and the light to accent the beauty of the fallen tree and the river. It was about 15 degees out and the sun was just right to capture the steam rising from the warmer river and accenting the tree. I see this tree every morning on my way to work.

Wedding Band

A countryside wedding band processional marches to the bride’s home against a backdrop of firework smoke.

Kitchen Window


Milky way

Milky way rising over Arches National Park


Model: Paige Carson