Grapefruit Picture

Every month, we challenge our readers to get out into the world and make great pictures. Honestly, we know you’d be doing that anyway, but we appreciate your willingness to share your work with us. This month’s collection of entries was huge, climbing over 2,000 photos. There was a decidedly international theme, with images coming in from all over the world, just just the USA. That’s always awesome to see.

The photos go from stylish portraits to dramatic landscapes and touch lots of other bases in between. The common thread, though, is that they’re excellent. The final winners will be notified and the images will be announced in an upcoming issue of Popular Photography.

So, for now, click through the gallery to get inspired, then head over to our contest page and check out this month’s competition. There are always plenty of chances to show off your work and win great prizes. Good luck and good light!


Elephant in Ngorongoro Crater

By Jeff Heidel I recently went to Tanzania and one of the highlights was spending time in Ngorongoro Crater. The crater makes the perfect back drop for pictures and it was just a matter of time on waiting for this elephant top get in the perfect spot

Recorder Player

By Hoang Nguyen My daughter is practicing for her music exam

Chance Encounter with Serenity

By Randy Schiff My daughter was warming up for soccer on a chilly November morning. At a break in the game, I turned around and saw this image. Although I took several shots at different settings, thinking I’d try to composite an HDR image later, something I had never attempted, this image, untouched, was as good as I imagined I’d be able to make in the computer. I hope you can feel the morning chill, appreciate the awe and enjoy a brief respite as you take a moment to share my chance encounter with serenity.

Cerritos star storm

By Sergio Garcia This is a star trail shot composed of 80 individual images. It shows the movement from the stars which look like rain falling on the building of the Hacienda Cerritos hotel. The location from where this sequence was taken, along with the focal length used, helped me keep only the portion of the stars that once stacked seem to create “straight lines” to help simulate the rain effect. You can see more of my work at: