Paris-For those wanting to see the breadth and depth of photo reportage not reflected in mainstream newspapers and magazines look no further than the Visa pour l’Image festival of photojournalism, taking place in Perpignan, France Sept. 4-10.

This festival, now in its 18th year, offers nightly slideshows, dozens of exhibitions and a trade show floor where photographers, editors and industry professionals congregate and do business.

As usual, this year’s program reflects the unflinching eye of director Jean-Francois Leroy, who writes in the festival introduction: “The news in 2005/2006 has brought its grim harvest of bad news, wars, disasters, threats and bombings. For photojournalists, these are all stories that have to be reported, and Visa pour l’Image is duty bound to show them in Perpignan.”

Despites its dour subject matter, the festival’s professional week is a joyous occasion where old acquaintances are renewed, new friends made and business deals done. What follows are some of the festival highlights slated for this year.

Eric Baudelaire, “The Dreadful Details”
Philip Blenkinsop / Vu, “Nepal 2001-2006: During the Reign of King Gyanedra”
Peter Dejong / Associated Press, “The Best Of”
Rene Effendi, “Azerbaijan, in Search of Identity”
Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos, “Personal Best”
Jan Grarup / Rapho, “Kashmir: Thunder from Below”

|| |—| | * Photo Gallery| Stanley Greene / Vu, “Beyond the Wire: Voyage to the Country of Hate (Iraq)”
Claudia Guadarrama, “Southern Border – On the Other Side of the Boundary; Illegal Migrants Leaving Mexico”
Todd Heisler / Rocky Mountain News / Polaris / Deadline, “Final Salute”
James Hill / The New York Times, “Somewhere Between War and Peace (spans 1993-2006”
Henri Huet / Associated Press, “Retrospective”
Lynn Johnson / National Geographic, “Zambia: Conflicts of Culture and Conservation”
Diego Levy, “Sangre (violence in Latin America)”
Gerd Ludwig / National Geographic, “The Long Shadow of Chernobyl”
Jean-Luc Manaud / Rapho, “Tales of the Sahara”
Hiromi Nagakura, “Massoud, the Undefeated Soul”
Reuters, “Cover the Quake”
Bruno Stevens / Cosmos, “Drought in the Horn of Africa”
Alvaro Ybarra Zavala / Vu, “Children of Sorrow”
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