Episode 6 on 'The Shot'

In the sixth installment of VH1's reality show, tempers flare as the finalists narrow to four.

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The Break Yo'self Assignment
The episode started out with a post-elimination gang-up on John, who was awarded the best shot from last week. Robin, still smarting from Russell James's "flat and uninspiring" remark, started a scowling campaign against the 20-something wedding photographer, informing him she would "try not to vomit" while walking past him.

After getting feisty, the five remaining photographers pulled up to a breakdancing competition pulsing with thousands of b-boys and b-girls. The assignment was to create portraits of three dancers, finding "beauty in alternative places," in James's words. The photographers had five minutes to elbow through the swarm of b-boys and b-girls, searching for their inspirational three, and 15 minutes to create a trinity of portraits. Robin managed to pick three non-dancers with zero confidence and zero moves (Jason: "Robin had the magical ability to find three people out of thousands that didn't dance. That's like finding three virgins in a brothel in Nevada."). Meanwhile, Dean mastered the one-hand shoulder bump handshake introduction to pick up three vivacious headspinners.

The contestants then edited their shots and printed huge copies out on an HP LaserJet 3100 printer (name-dropped about 3100 times). But to the photographers' surprise, the public, not Aussie James, was the judge of their blown-up shots posted in a gallery. Viewers told the cameras that Robin was their least favorite photographer (Maria: "I didn't think her work is that bad but America did") and loved the fashion shots by Maria, who cried like Ms. Teen America at the tempered praise. Maria and John won the challenge, becoming team leaders for the next assignment.

The Skin and Bones Assignment
Dave Navarro made a surprise, and slightly inexplicable, rock star appearance to help the budding talents shoot a campaign for Vaseline, with the mission to show "what is amazing about skin." Jason, predictably "amped" for the assignment, came up with an abstract concept centered around Vaseline's three product purposes -- protection, healing, and hydration. John wanted to abandon the concept halfway through the shoot but Jason pushed through his overwrought thesis, even showing the brand manager a folded-up storyboard with scribbles that might as well have been Homer in hieroglyphics. Jason even managed to uncenter Dave Navarro ("And I'll tell you this, to freak me out is saying something") with a pose that James described as reminiscent of Guantanamo Bay and that Italo Gregorio thought looked fit to grace the cover of The Diary of Anne Frank. The other team, Dean and Maria, kept it simple and skinful, winning the exemption for the round. After the shoot, Jason and John fought it out, with Jason spouting delusions to a John in disbelief. John's only response was two words, one of which was the f-bomb, and Jason stomped off.

The Final Shot
James praised John's maturity when he apologized to the judges for failing to act as a team leader, instead caving to Jason's hydration manifesto. Robin and Jason were left on the chopping block and James sent Robin packing, but with a suitcase still full of over-confidence. ("I'm disappointed people don't see what I see in my work.") Next week, the photographers will get starry-eyed, photographing Joss Stone and working the red carpet. Look forward to Jason waxing philosophical on the lowly-status of paparazzi and Dean calling Jason a little girl.