The Soho Photo Gallery in New York City is hosting its Ninth National Juried “Krappy Kamera” Competition. The competition is open to artists working with plastic cameras such as the Holga, Diana, Diana clones, and homemade pinhole cameras.

Juror Miles Barth will select approximately 50 prints to be included in a month-long exhibition at the gallery in March 2007.

Prizes for seven award winners will be supplied by Freestyle Photographic Supplies, Lensbabies, and Camera Arts Magazines. In addition to the juror’s selections, visitors attending the reception will be able to vote on their favorite print in the second annual People’s Choice Awards. Pinhole cameras will be awarded to the photographers with the most votes. Cameras will be donated by Noted of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The gallery defines “Krappy Kameras” as follows: The big name brand Krappy cameras are Holgas, Dianas, Ansco and all pinhole cameras (there are many more). You can also make your “good” camera into a Krappy Kamera by exchanging the lens with a pinhole body cap, Lensbaby, or Holga-type lens. For example, take an expensive 4 x 5 view camera and slap a plastic Holga lens on it and you have a qualifying Krappy camera. Other examples include replacing your SLR digital or film camera’s lens with a Lensbaby or a pinhole body cap. Out-of-the-box disposables or point-and-shoot cameras are ineligible; their lenses are too good to be krap.

Remember, just because a camera is old and moldy doesn’t make it krappy.

Fee: $40 for up to 6 workprints
Deadline: Dec. 30, 2006

A prospectus and entry form is available at the gallery’s website,