Benjamin Von Wong Mermaid Photo Project Plastic Bottles
Benjamin Von Wong Mermaid Photo Project Plastic Bottles
The swirling pattern is made from discarded plastic bottles. Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is no stranger to huge and elaborate photo shoots and his latest project addresses the growing environmental problem that stems from plastic bottles. For the project, Von Wong used thousands of discarded plastic bottles and created surreal scenes using the discarded material.

The finished photos depict mermaids awash in a sea of plastic bottles. It’s a fairly simple metaphor, but still an effective one, especially when you consider the scope of the photos.

The shoot took a rather epic amount of work over the course of a week, with lots of time spent cleaning up the bottles, arranging them in patterns, and tweaking the massive warehouse setup.

You can get more information about the project as well as the efforts to help clean up some of the troublesome plastic currently affecting global waters over on Von Wong’s website. He’s even giving away several prints to raise money for the cause.