PHMuseum opens submissions for its 2018 Women Photographers Grant

Applications are due October 17.

young woman looking at camera
I remember Nunjul from my childhood, she was always reserved – she didn’t talk much, and wore a patch over her lazy eye. She didn’t live with her parents; she was placed in foster care before her mother passed away. Every second week, Nunjul and her sister would stay with a family in my neighbourhood – respite care from their main foster family. I started photographing Nunjul in 2012 when she was 18 years old and her son BJ was two. In November 2011 The Department of Community Services (DoCS) removed BJ from Nunjul’s custody because she was in a violent relationship with his father. To end the relationship, Nunjul made the decision to move away from her hometown. Rather than being supported in the decision to leave an abusive and unhealthy environment, she describes DoCS reaction to her move as an ‘inconvenience’ for the department.Raphaela Rosella

PHMuseum has opened submissions for its second annual Women Photographers Grant and has £10,000 in cash prizes to award to four talented female or non-binary photographers: £5,000 for first place, £2,000 for second place, £1,000 for third place and £2,000 for the winner of the New Generation category. In addition to the prize money, winners will have their work published by YET Magazine, displayed at Photo Vogue Festival and promoted by PHMusuem.

bird sitting on shoulder
From: Los Mundos de TitaFabiola Cedillo

Until September 27 submissions will be discounted to £18, the fee will rise to £27 after that. The deadline to apply is October 17. Interested photographers should submit 8-20 images that are centered around a single concept or theme. Last year's grant winners included Raphaela Rosella, Heba Khamis, and Sanne De Wilde working on diverse stories out of Australia, Cameroon and Micronesia. Fabiola Cedillo was awarded the New Generation prize.

This year’s competition will be judged by Karen McQuaid, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Aïda Muluneh, and Pamela Chen.

boat full of people on winter water
From: The Island of the ColorblindSanne De Wilde

“I'll be watching out for work that’s challenging, sincere and playful,” Sanguinetti writes regarding what she is looking for. “As long as I'm transported into someone else’s story in an intelligent and visually poetic way.”

There are no limitations to the style of photography that can be submitted. More details about the application process can be found on the PHMuseum website.