Animal trainers at Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in Aukland, New Zealand have trained Rambo the octopus to photograph anyone who stands in front of her tank using a Sony DSC-TX30 in a special octopus-friendly rig.

Trainer Mark Vette said “when we first tried to get [Rambo] to take a photo, it only took her three attempts to understand the process.” The Sony is built to be shock and water resistant, and is held in a special rig made just for Rambo. The rig allows Rambo to push down on a red shutter button to capture the images.

There is a backdrop in front of Rambo’s tank for visitors to pose in front of, and each photo goes for $2 and directly benefits the aquarium.

Who knows, with a little more practice we might be seeing some of Rambo’s shots on the pages of our magazine soon.