Power Ball Photography Wish List

You may not have heard, but ther Power Ball lottery jackpot has climbed up to roughly half a billion dollars. That’s an insane amount of money and it sparked a discussion in our group chat about what we would buy first after having won that kind of cash. The answers actually seem more interesting than I might have expected. Many of us already keep a “wishlist” of gear we’d like to buy or that we’re saving up for, but with limitless funds, is that even really what you’d want?

Would you buy some awesome rare, vintage gear? Or massive lenses for all those safaris you can afford to take?

Here are some answers from Popular Photography staffers. Feel free to leave your own gear wishlists in the comments.

Oh, and bonus points to everyone who reads about this post on Facebook and rushes to comment about how “buying fancy gear doesn’t make you a better photographer.” Keep fighting the good fight in the comment sections.

**Senior Technical Editor, Philip Ryan: **
Leica Monochrom and four or five lenses to go with it.

**Technology Manager, Julia Silber: **
I would buy a Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 because I love wide angle and love looking at all that glass.

Senior Online Editor, Stan Horaczek:
The first thing I would buy is a Toyo 8×10 view camera and a big pile of film and developing supplies. I loved large format when I had access to all the materials and the camera in college, but short of hitting the lottery, I’ll likely never have the funds or the time to get back into it. The second thing I would pay for is a person to carry the giant thing around for me when I go out shooting.

Creative Director, Jason Beckstead:
A pair of action cameras for my children so they can document their childhood…then take them around the world so we can have fun while doing it.

**Assistant Online Editor, Jeanette D. Moses: **
First I’d take classes to learn the magic of wet plate collodion photography. Next I’d stock up on chemicals, plates, a camera and some old Petzval portrait lenses. Finally I’d hire an assistant to help me move my piles of antique gear and expensive chemicals from location to location.

**Features Editor, Debbie Grossman: **
Just give me a camera and some time! I’d also like an army of elite Photoshop geniuses who will do my bidding.

**Assistant Editor, Sara Cravatts: **
​I would move to a new apartment where I would have room for a darkroom, stock it with a 35mm camera and all the chemicals/paper/film I needed, and then definitely book a trip around the world to photograph.

**Editor-in-Chief, Miriam Leuchter: **Sara’s choice seems reasonable to me! And probably what I’d do, too. As long as we’re fantasizing, I’d also buy a 20×24 Polaroid — for which I’d also need a studio, an endless supply of custom-made film, and a couple of assistants. Or maybe I’d just rent it on occasion…

**Assistant Online Editor, Eugene Reznik: **I would get the 1936 Leica Telephoto Assembly Rifle or “Leica Gun” because there are only a handful in existance and it would afford me endless opportunities to pun on “shot”.

**Designer, Wes Fulghum: **Hasselblad H4D 200MS