What color is this stupid dress?

I know, the picture posted above is technically terrible, but it’s absolutely everywhere on the internet right now. Some people see the dress as blue and black while others see it as white and gold. It’s a rather baffling phenomenon and there are currently tons of theories floating around on the web.

I actually find the whole thing fascinating for a couple reasons. One, I like watching images “go viral,” even when they’re not very good. Just watching a photo propagate across the web is interesting to me.

Second, and perhaps much more appropriate for this site, I think it’s very interesting how different people are seeing the color in this photo. There are so many elements in action. There are differently calibrated monitors, ambient lighting, and whatever crazy thing is going on in people’s brains that’s making them see white and gold when the answer is very clearly blue and black (at least to my brain).

So, let’s have it. What’s the color?

Here’s the original Tumblr post from which it came