Macro Pasta
A piece of spaghetti photographed with a macro lens. Photo: Pyanek.

Macro photography is a way to explore the unfamilar aspects of our very familiar world. Getting extremely close often means finding beautiful and strange details. A new video from Pyanek called “Amazing Worlds Within Our World,” pushes that concept to its limits, highlighting the details that would otherwise go unseen.

The photographer used a Canon T3i (600D/Kiss X5) with the kit lens reveresed to make these images. Editing was done in HeliconFocus for focus stacking and final adjustments were made in Lightroom and Exposure 5.

Watch the video below to see mundane objects like ballpoint pens, kitchen sponges and pieces of food take their closeup.

Feeling inspired and want to try your hand at macro photography? Check out our guide to help get you started.

[Via: This is Colossal]