Format, a Canadian-made platform founded in 2010, is primarily a sandbox style portfolio site creator. They offer photographers (and other creative professionals) slick templates for creating online portfolios without learning how to code.

To address the growing number of iPad consumers, Format just released Kredo, a free iPad portfolio app for artists to organize and share their work in a professional way. Kredo allows users to display their work in Retina-quality, high-resolution images that can be shared via email, social media, or within the app itself to other users.


The in-app sharing network, called the Kredo Discover Network, allows artists to share their work and connect with possible clients. The ability to quickly and efficiently share polished work is one that all artists want, and Kredo has stepped in to try to solve the problem.


Kredo is also useful for in-person interactions, offering a slideshow feature that enables artists to quickly scroll through their work in an interview setting or to friends and colleagues.

Watch Kredo in action: here