Flickr Bird or Park Site

Chances are, you clicked on that headline out of pure confusion. Why would a site need to tell you if your photo was taken in a national park or contained a bird? Well, you don’t. But, the folks at Flickr created a pretty funny microsite in response to an xkcd comic.

Flickr’s Park or Bird Tool Tells You Whether Your Photo Contains a Park or Bird

If you’re not familiar with xkcd, they put together a great web comic that pokes fun at a variety of things, but concentrates a lot on tech. It’s actually very entertaining and worth checking out on a regular basis.

But, the folks at Flickr saw the comic posted above and took it to the next level. Their microsite will tell you (using GPS data) if your photo was taken in a national park and analyze it to see if a bird is present. There’s actually a pretty interesting explanation of Flickr’s deep network tech buried within this tongue-in-cheek demonstration.