Little Girl Heartbroken To Learn That Deleted Photos Are Gone Forever

No, they're not coming back

This is Cadence. She's four. She just discovered what happens when you delete a picture from a camera. And, as you know if you've ever accidentally deleted something really important to you, she's understandably upset.

As 4-year-old Cadence was playing with a little camera for her and her brothers, she pushed just the right sequence of buttons to delete a photo. When she realized what she’d done, and that the photo she’d deleted was of her good friend “Uncle Dave,” she was completely undone.

After taking a moment to regain some composure, she wanted to send this message to Dave…

You’ll all be happy to know that Dave delivered and all is now right with the world again.

Maybe now's a good time to make sure your backup system is in place. Not all of us have an Uncle Dave who can send a photo to us if we delete the original.