"Grandpa's Photos" Site Helps Identify A Grandfather's Photography Locations

Help Dave Tomkins discover the locations at which his grandfather's photos were taken

grandpa's photos

grandpa's photos

Dave Tomkins's grandfather was an avid photographer. Whenever he traveled, he'd bring along a Voigtlander Bessamatic, and put together a slideshow of his travels. While helping move his grandfather into an assisted living situation, Tomkins discovered a box of these slides, and has turned to the internet to discover where they were taken, with a project called Grandpa's Photos.

As Tomkins explains on the site:

A few years ago Grandpa had to go into a home. It’s such a sad horrible thing that happens to many of us but he needed full-time care. We all pitched in to help clean up his family home after he left. I was lucky enough to find the box of slides in the cupboard and have been talking about them ever since. I got the slides scanned and took them down to show him in the hope of some of those special Grandpa stories. And to give him more to talk about than catheter bags and who gave him a shower that day. He was happy to see them but he couldn’t remember where any of the locations were. He appreciated that I liked them but never really believed that the photos are something special. He never saw himself as a great Photographer. With everyone's help I’m hoping to prove that wrong.

The site has 100 images, taken all across the world. You can comment on each one, and help Tomkins discover the exact location of each. And, he's hoping, help him take new images that show what's there now, and compile them all together.

Already, the internet has started pouring out with information and support. Some of the locations are fairly obvious (like the Empire State Building), others are less so (a random hotel in Manhattan), and some might even not exist anymore. There's even a best guess map, so if you know a particular neighborhood, you might be able to help out.

It's an incredible project, and one that taps into the wide knowledge of random strangers on the internet to help bring a man and his grandfather closer together.