bh copyright

B&H has long been running excellent video tutorials, tackling all manner of subject of interest to photographers. The most recent video tackles a subject that’s crucial, but foreign to many shooters: Copyright. The company got folks behind The Copyright Zone—photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg—and put together a 75 minute lecture that covers an extremely broad variety of legal issues that face photographers.

We’ve embedded the video below, and if you’re a professional (or even dedicated amateur) photographer, it’s worth setting aside the time to watch the video. It’s easy-going and well-presented, and there’s an awful lot of good information to be had. A fair portion of the lecture is around model release forms, how to put them together, what they protect against, and more. There’s also interesting discussion about invoicing, and how to go after copyright infringers who don’t have a physical address.

If you have the time, definitely try and watch the whole thing—there’s a lot you’ll learn in the process.

[via PetaPixel]