X-Rite ColorTRUE App

You probably know by now that color management can make a big difference in how a photograph looks on screen. And while color calibration is a common thing for many computer monitors, smartphones and tablets have few options. X-Rite’s new ColorTRUE system, however, wants to correct the color not only in its own app, but across the board using an SDK.

When you download the app, you need one of X-Rite’s color management products like the ColorMunki Display to actually read the colors on the device’s screen. Once the reading process is done, it creates a profile for the device and applies it within the app. There’s a photo gallery viewer as part of the app so you can show off your photos as accurately as possible. You can match the screen to your other monitors and even soft proof on your mobile device which could come in pretty handy.

While it’s not an entirely new concept, the available SDK does make things quite a bit more interesting. By opening up the program, app developers can get the code required to make their software ColorTRUE aware, which means your monitor profile would apply to those apps as well. Since you can’t make a global change to your screen settings, the option of having more compatible apps with correct color sounds appealing. It would be awesome to have color accurate versions of editing apps, or just to be able to show clients work on a color-corrected screen.

The app itself is free and available now in the iTunes and Android app stores. Of course, it’s only really “free” if you already have an X-Rite color management system, but it does work with the ColorMunki Smile, which you can get for around $75.