today show

The Today Show is currently running a segment called “Love Your Selfie“, devoted to addressing body image issues, and the way people view themselves. Now, as part of that, the show’s anchors have gone under the Photoshop knife of the experts at Cosmopolitan magazine to show just what sort of edits an image will go through before heading to print.

You can see the before and after above, and the editing notes below. A lot of it is fairly normal stuff, bringing out some details, changing colors, whitening teeth, and the like. But unfortunately, some stronger tools got brought out, too. Wrinkles were removed and flesh was reshaped, thanks to the power of “liquify”. And one of Al Roker’s hands has gone mysteriously missing.

It’s a bit disengenous to pretend that this sort of editing is new to the hosts of the Today Show, though. We’re willing to bet that any official press shots of the quartet would have gone through a similar process.

And lest you think this level of editing is somehow news for the digital age, have a look at some of these darkroom editing notes to get a feel what people used to do with just dodging and burning.