christmas santa

Family traditions have a remarkable way of establishing themselves. They start with just repeating something important to you or that you enjoy, and before you know, it’s been a couple of decades, and it’s a firmly entrenched part of your life. Like this pair of brothers, who took the holiday right of passage of a photo with Santa, and have been doing it every year since 1980.

Brothers Mike and Martin Gray have been getting their photos taken with mall Santas since 1980, a tradition that somehow even managed to survive surly teenage years, and both of them starting their own families. Talking to PetaPixel, Martin explained:

Now, both of the Brothers Gray have their own kids, who are going to be roped into what is now a firmly established family tradition.

These sorts of family traditions always provide an incredible look back at the history of your loved ones. There’s nothing quite like seeing what your family looked like 20 years ago to give you some sense of perspective.

And for another example of a lifetime of Christmases, there’s one dad who videod Christmas morning for 25 years, recording each of his kids coming down the stairs. And it’s another incredible instance of how powerful and joyful these sorts of traditions can be.